Mission Statement

Our purpose in providing distance education (online classes) is to allow those who live too far from C.A.B.B.I. or in need of classes we do not offer on campus to receive a top-tier theological education. You will not get a better education than in person, but we will do our best to offer the same education through our distance education program. 


Those who are not seeking a degree (i.e. layperson) are exempt from the requirements listed below, but will need to contact administration faculty.
  • Must have access to a computer with web camera. (If you do not own a computer your phone or tablet may be acceptable.)

You must have daily access to a computer with a good Internet connection to take an online class.


  • Must live 120 miles from Benton, Arkansas

The primary reason we provide online education is to enable students who live far from our campus to be able to take C.A.B.B.I. courses. If you live locally, we highly encourage you to take our traditional classes that meet in classrooms.


  • Job prevents attendance

 If you are unable to attend on campus due to a job, we still want to serve your education. Distance Education should be your last resort, but a viable option.

  • Self Motivation

Online courses require more self-discipline from students than traditional courses. Most online assignments have a window of one week in which to complete them. The online student must be self-disciplined enough to spend the right amount of time daily or every couple of days to get the job done.


You may petition acceptance by contacting Dr. Danny Hill (dhill@cabbi.org)