Vision and Philosophy

Central Arkansas Baptist Bible Institute is committed to the inspired, infallible, Word of God, it’s precepts, principles, and commands.  This seminary is committed to train, equip, and prepare ministers of the gospel and servants of local churches to faithfully follow Jesus Christ and HIS mission throughout the world.
In order to accomplish this purpose, CABBI endeavors to impart reliable educational and learning experiences so the student can acquire the knowledge, skill, and understanding required for achievement in their professional field.
In addition, CABBI’s purpose and objectives for each student are:
1. To know and maintain a personal study, devotional, prayer, and worship life so their walk with Christ will always be humble and vibrant.
2. To know how to analyze, interpret, and exegete the Scriptures based on an understanding of the literal, grammatical, and historical method of interpretation.

3. To properly train individuals for specific Christian service, both full and part time.

4. To be able to communicate God’s Word in the power of the Holy Spirit with confidence, boldness and enthusiasm; believing that God uses such preaching to touch and transform lives.
5. To provide guidance and counseling including social, psychological, financial and vocational, from a Christian perspective.
6. To have a solid understanding of biblical and systematic theology along with its integration and application in the life of the student, the family, the church, the government, and the world.
7. To know the origin, development and heritage of the church, its teaching, and its proper function in today’s world.
8. To understand historical and current biblical, cultural, philosophical, moral, political, and ethical issues; wisely discerning and articulating them in the light of God’s Word.
9. To know, understand, and develop (in their particular field) the biblical principles for Pastoral ministry, leadership, music, youth, church education, counseling, evangelism, and administration so the student’s church ministry will flourish and multiply.
10. To demonstrate that the student knows the heart of God and feels His passion for lost souls by seeking to be involved in global missions, winning the lost by any biblical means. Students will demonstrate their comprehension of the strategy of the New Testament Church to take the gospel to the entire world through missionaries and church workers who plant and establish new churches that grow and multiply.
11. To develop leadership skills that will produce those who can excel in church work, scholarship, authorship, administration, and inspirational teaching to glorify God in serving the church and the world.
12. To offer and grant diplomas that are approved by the Board of Trustees upon the completion of a program of rigorous, required courses; to facilitate instruction and conduct examinations in theology, biblical languages, and other branches of human knowledge, in order to carry out the purposes of these educational goals.
13. To engage in other lawful activities normally performed by institutions of higher education in the United States and for which corporations may be formed under the Non-profit Corporation Law of Arkansas.