Master of Theology

The Master of Theology Degree is above the Master of Divinity Diploma or Degree, that is 64 semester hours above the Master of Divinity Degree. For example, if a student has received a B.A. or B.S. degree from an accredited college or university with no theological major, then that student must first complete his or her Master of Divinity Program and then complete two more years of theological studies for this diploma or degree. However, if a student has received a Bachelor’s Degree or Diploma from an accredited college, university or seminary with a major in theological studies or Bible Languages, then that student may enroll in the Master of Theology Program or the Master of Bible Language program. 
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Degree Requirements
First Year
Course Name Course Number Course Hours
Biblical Counseling CO-5131, CO-5132 6
Advanced Eschatology TH-5600, TH-5601 6
Advanced Ecclesiology TH-5123, TH-5124 6
Old Testament Theology TH-5111 4
New Testament Theology TH-5112 4
Introduction to Thesis Writing TH-5113 4
Thesis TH-5116 4
Missions Practicum/Chapel MI-5101 2
Second Year
Course Name Course Number Course Hours
Advanced Pneumatology TH-5124 6
Canonization of Scripture TH-5101, TH-5102 6
Conflict Management/Resolution in Church PM-5111, PM-5112 6
Old Testament Ethics PH-5102 4
Contemporary Theology TH-5116 4
Missions Practicum/Chapel MI-5102  2