Master of Divinity

Requiring a Bachelor’s degree as a prerequisite, this standard professional degree requires 96 semester hours of credit from CABBI; 33 of which may be in practical ministries, concurrently pursued while regular studies in theology and/or biblical studies are proceeding.
Transfer credits can be accepted according to seminary policies. However, a minimum of 40 semester hours must be earned for this degree. The transfer credits must be Bible related. Students who already possess a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university may enter this program of study.
The Master of Divinity [M.Div.] curriculum is the same as the first three years of Biblical Studies with the exception that the Master’s student will be assigned 50 per cent [50%] more work to do.
Degree Requirements 
First Year
Course Name Course Number Course Hours
Greek BLG-5101, BLG-5102 6
Evangelism BI-5104, BI-5108 6
Homiletics I,II PT-5101, PT-5102 6
Old Testament Survey BI-5101 4
New Testament Survey BI-5102 4
Bible Analysis BI-5105 4
Ministerial Practices BI-5106 4
Missions Practicum/Chapel MI-5101 2
Second Year
Course Name Course Number Course Hours
Greek BLG-5103, BLG-5104 6
Hebrew BLH-5101, BLH-5102 6
Life of Christ BI-5203 4
Pentateuch BI-5205 4
Historical Books BI-5206 4
Book of Acts BI-5207 4
Elemental Theology TH-5101 4
Christian Leadership BI-5111 4
Missions Practicum/Chapel MI-5102  6
Third Year
Course Name Course Number Course Hours
Greek BLG-5105, BLG-5106 6
Hebrew BLH-5103, BLH-5104 6
Systematic Theology TH-5121, TH-5122 4
Major Prophets BI-5004 4
Minor Prophets BI-5005 4
Introduction to Apologetics AP-5113 4
Church Epistles BI-5211 4
Introduction to Christian Psychology/Counseling CO-5121 4
Missions Practicum/Chapel MI-5103 2