Doctor of Theology

The Doctor of Theology Degree is a 45-60 hour program designed for pastors, and other church leaders interested in a program of study in theology. The Doctor of Theology (Th.D.) program is intended to equip students for teaching and research in theological seminaries and colleges. Applicants should be called to full-time Christian service and be capable of the quality of study and research required at the Doctoral level. Applicant for the Th.D. program must possess a Master of Theology degree or its academic equivalent. The student should have satisfactory records in Hebrew and Greek, and at least, a 3.5 Grade Point Average in his Th.M. program.
The student is able to transfer credits into the Doctor of Theology program, however, 40 credit hours must be completed in order to be awarded the Th.D. Degree.
Course Name Course Number Credit Hours
Advanced Soteriology TH-6101 4
Theology TH-6111 4
Advanced Ecclesiology TH-6601 4
Advanced Eschatology TH-6600 4
Systematic Theology TH-6121 4
Systematic Theology TH-6122 4
Systematic Theology TH-6123 4
Systematic Theology TH-6124 4
Dissertation TH-6125 16