Required Textbooks: Spring 2019

This list is only a guide. Please, refer to class syllabus or contact your instructor for any extra materials needed.
Homiletics- Richard Hamlin
Christ-Centered Preaching
Bryan Chapell
Baker Academic
English- Karen Reese
A Manual for Wrtiers
Kate Turabian
University of Chicago Press
Greek I- Michael Reese
Essentials of NT Greek
Ray Summers
Broadman and Holman
Hebrew I- Robbie Horne
Biblical Hebrew
Page Kelley
Eerdmans Publishing
Christian Leadership- Daniel Conditt
The Spiritual Leader
Paul Chappell
Striving Together Pub.
Pastoral Epistles-
Donny Haynes
BNTC: Pastoral Epistles
Charles Law
HPB Publishing
Acts- Donny Haynes
BNTC: Acts
James Floyd
HPB Publishing
Bible Customs-
Larry Campbell
Manners & Customs
Ralph Gower
Moody Publishers
Hebrews- Daniel Conditt
Exploring Hebrews
John Phillips
Kregel Publications
Denominational Apologetics-
Tyler Campbell
The Complete Guide to Christian Denominations
Ron Rhodes
Harvest House
Denominational Apologetics-
Tyler Campbell
Expository Apologetics
Voddie Baucham Jr.
Crossway Publishing
Denominational Apologetics-
Tyler Campbell
 Comparison Chart
Rose Publishing