Bachelor of Biblical Studies

The Bachelor of Biblical Studies is a four year undergraduate degree in theological disciplines. It is an inter-disciplinary degree that requires the candidate to complete course work in Bible languages, systematic theology, pastoral theology, apologetics, ethics, and counseling.
The Bachelor of Biblical Studies Degree is awarded to those who have successfully completed 72 semester hours and maintained a GPA [Grade Point Average] of 2.00 or higher.
The student enrolled in the Bachelor Program must have successfully completed 72 semester hours (Associate of Biblical Studies).
Degree Requirements 
First Year
Homiletics I, II PT-2101, PT-2102 6
English I, II EN-1101, EN-1102 6
Evangelism BI-1104 3
Old Testament Survey BI-1101 3
Bible Analysis BI-1105 3
Bible Customs BI-1108 3
New Testament Survey BI-1102 3
Pastoral Theology PT-1106 3
Mission Practicum/Chapel MP-1101 6
Second Year
Greek I, II BLG-2103, BLG-2104 6
Hebrew I, II BLH-2101, BLH-2102 6
Life of Christ BI-2203 3
Pentateuch BI-2105 3
Historical Books BI-3106 3
Christian Leadership BI-2111 3
Acts BI-2107 3
Elemental Theology TH-2101 3
Mission Practicum/Chapel MP-2101 6
Third Year
Course Name Course Number Course Hours
Curriculum Development I,II PT-3101, PT-3102 6
Biblical Geography SS-3103 3
Systematic Theology TH-3121, TH-3122 6
Music in Ministry MU-3103 3
Minor Prophets BI-3104 3
Defense of the Faith AP-3102 3
Systematic Theology TH-3122 3
Book of Hebrews BI-3112 3
Church Epistles BI-3111 3
Missions Practicum/Chapel MI-3101 6
Fourth Year
Course Name Course Number Course Hours
Introduction to Christian Ethics PH-4102 3
General Epistles BI-4108 6
Pastoral Epistles BI-1110 3
Biblical Hermeneutics BI-4153 3
Systematic Theology TH-4121, TH-4122 6
Introduction to Christian Logic PH-4101 3
Introduction to Christian Psychology/Counseling CO-4121 3
Mission Practicum/Chapel MI-4101 6