Bachelor of Apologetics

The Bachelor of Apologetics is a four year undergraduate degree in the discipline of apologetics. It is an inter-disciplinary degree that requires the candidate to complete course work in philosophy, cults, world-views, ethics, logic, Bible languages, systematic theology, and counseling.
The Bachelor of Theology Degree is awarded to those who have successfully completed 72 semester hours and maintained a GPA [Grade Point Average] of 2.00 or higher.
The student enrolled in the Bachelor Program must have successfully completed 72 semester hours (Associate of Biblical Studies).
Degree Requirements
First Year
Course Name Course Number Course Hours
Homiletics  PRCHG-2101, PRCHG-2101 6
English BLG-1102 6
Evangelism BI-1104 3
Bible Customs BI-1108 3
Old Testament Survey BI-1101 3
New Testament Survey BI-1102 3
Bible Analysis BI-1105 3
Pastoral Theology PT-1106 3
Missions Practicum/Chapel MI-1101 6
Second Year
Course Name Course Number Course Hours
Greek I BLG-2103, BLG-2104 6
Hebrew I BLH-2101, BLH-2102 6
Life of Christ BI-2203 3
Pentateuch BI-2105 3
Book of Acts BI-2107 3
Historical Books BI-2106 3
Elemental Theology TH-2101 3
Christian Leadership BI-2111 3
Missions Practicum/Chapel MI-2101 6
Third Year
Greek II BLG-3105, BLG-3106 6
Defense of the Faith AP-3106 3
Introduction to Logic AP-3103 3
Introduction to Apologetics AP-3101 3
Cultural Apologetics AP-3114 3
Hebrew II BLH-3103, BLH-3104 6
Introduction to World Views AP-3104 3
Scientific Apologetics PH-3102 3
Mission Practicum/Chapel MI-3101 3
Fourth Year
Introduction to Philosophy AP-4106 3
Pastoral Epistles BI-4110 3
Ecclesiology TH-4121 3
Denominational Apologetics AP-4102 3
Introduction to Cults AP-4101 3
Eschatology TH-4122 3
Hermeneutics BI-4153 3
General Epistles BI-4108 3
World History HT-4101, HT-4102 6