Associate of Biblical Studies

Associate of Theological Studies Degree is awarded to those who have successfully completed two years of study at CABBI. The student must complete 72 semester hours to be awarded this diploma. The student must also maintain a GPA of 2.00 or higher.
Degree Requirements 
First Year
Course Name Course Number Course Hours
Greek/English BLG-1101, BLG-1102 6
Evangelism BI-1104, BI-1108 6
Homiletics PRCHG-2101, PRCHG-2101 6
Old Testament Survey BI-1101 3
New Testament Survey BI-1102 3
Bible Analysis BI-1105 3
Ministerial Practices BI-1106 3
Missions Practicum/Chapel MI-1101 6
Second Year
Course Name Course Number Course Hours
Greek BLG-2103, BLG-2104 6
Hebrew BLH-2101, BLH-2102 6
Pentatuech BI-2105 3
Historical Books BI-2106 3
Life of Christ BI-2203 3
Book of Acts BI-2107 3
Christian Leadership BI-2111 3
Elemental Theology TH-2101 3
Missions Practicum/Chapel MI-2101  6